How to enlarge your penis during puberty

Before thinking about how to enlarge a teen's penis and what methods to use, you need to know if you need to do it.

Active growth and development of the genitals begins at 10-12 years of age. In some people, by age 13-14, the genitals have grown, formed, and are able to fertilize an egg. These are fairly special cases - usually the penis will grow up to 20 years.

what affects development

Genetics plays a big role in a teen's penis. To find out about penis size, how puberty is going, it's worth asking your dad.

In order to improve the physiological process, boys need to eat more protein food, exercise more, and avoid bad habits.

Exercise and Penis Enlargement

Adolescent reproductive organs typically reach their maximum length at 17-18 years of age, after which it thickens and increases in diameter.

The growth and development process is completely completed by the age of 20, and development is delayed by the age of 25.

The average penis size for a white male is 13-16 cm.

The main factors affecting size:

  1. Levels of the male hormone - testosterone - produced by the testes.
  2. A genetic predisposition to have a certain size and shape.
  3. The amount of adipose tissue in the body. Obesity can negatively affect the hormonal background, slowing genital development. Atrophy also inhibits teenage penis growth.
  4. Malnutrition: lack of protein, lack of essential amino acids, vitamins, zinc and other trace elements, slowed or reduced genital growth.
  5. Bad habits of teenagers: smoking, drug abuse, drug abuse, and alcohol abuse have adverse effects on the development of genitals and other organs.
  6. Serious chronic, endocrine, hereditary diseases lead to metabolic disorders.
  7. Reproductive system, traumatic brain injury can affect the child's neuro-humoral development and stop genital growth at certain stages.
  8. ecology. In chemically polluted areas, the size of male reproductive organs decreased compared to "clean" cities.

Medium size

The size of the penis is determined by individuals and genes. Don't panic if teens differ from tabular data: there are approximate sizes.

Parents of teens can consult an andrologist if the size of the penis is significantly different from what is shown in the table. Growth-accelerating hormone medications may be prescribed after a medical history and examination are collected.

Self-administration of hormones is definitely not recommended as it can lead to the opposite, leading to teenage impotence!

At what age should you start increasing your penis?

It is best not to interfere with the natural development of the penis, not to affect it during puberty, while the reproductive system has an active process of growth and development - puberty. As a rule, it lasts up to 17-18 years before activity drops.

In some adolescents, active puberty lasts as long as 19-20 years. After the penis length stops growing after age 18, steps can be taken to make it larger.

basic exercises

NPL is a natural penis enlargement. As the name suggests, penis growth using this technique occurs naturally without the need for surgery and hormones. The teenager himself performed the described operation at home!

The nupers themselves limit the start of classes to 18.

Jie Qing

A popular centuries-old technique used to enlarge the penis of the inhabitants of Africa and India. It consists of simple massage movements with the hand along the axis of the penis, designed to increase blood circulation to the penis. The basis of this technique is the Jelq movement - translational milking. It allows you to increase the length and girth of your penis and increase the firmness of your erection.

Bananas symbolize teenage penis enlargement


The relaxed organ is stretched with circular, pulsating, and other movements to increase its length.

load pause

This exercise is for shaped penises only. Very sad!

Hang a load on a teen's dick to increase

Weights hang from the penis. There must be skill and a good hanger to properly wrap the organ before manipulation. Gradually gain weight.


The erect penis is curved left and right, back and forth. It is necessary to start with a slight bend and then increase the magnitude and duration of the exposure week after week.

use a pump

Methods are ambiguous and results vary from person to person. According to the reviews, it didn't help someone at all while someone saw penis growth almost immediately. It is best to combine this approach with other LLP practices. The pump increases erection and is designed to increase blood flow to the corpus cavernosum.

Teen penis enlargement pump

Fixture application

Only after a few months of preparation training!

Clamping is an extremely dangerous method for increasing diameter. The penis must be prepared in advance. After a few months of regular jelqing, they started manipulating.


  • With the penis in a semi-erect, wrap the base with a cloth or elastic bandage, then place the clip on the fabric and tighten;
  • They make the organ reach 90-100% of an erection and hold it there for 5 to 10 minutes while the penis expands.

Kegel exercises

Frontococcygeal - When urinating, this muscle maintains the flow of urine. The purpose of the exercise is to:

  • Voltage;
  • voltage hold;
  • Muscle relaxation at different rhythms. The time gradually increases.

They increase potency, increase erection, and help maintain control of ejaculation during intercourse.

exercise to enlarge a teen's penis

Basic Tips for Beginners

You need to start any operation or training gradually, with a small load! Alternate one day of training with rest days. If an injury occurs during training, all exercises are stopped for a period of time.

  • Because of jelqing, blood flows from the base of the penis to the base of the penis and expands in the shape of a "baseball bat". The top will be wider. This is done with the help of a penis, which increases the base of the penis.
  • Before performing penis enlargement techniques, you need to measure your penis carefully, taking pictures to track the growth results.
  • They measure 1 or 2 times a month, write it down in a diary, and indicate in the diary a general training plan for the current time—they write the NUP plan.

How to jelqing:

  • Glide better with petroleum jelly or oil, no soap!
  • The penis first reaches a 40% erection (70% erection over time) and "milking" - moving the blood along the torso from the bottom to the head, with OK - holding the penis with thumb and forefinger;
  • When the fingers reach the head, hold OK with the other hand and start a new movement, then release the first hand;
  • The movement does not stop within the given time. The penis should expand as you massage.

When orgasm is approaching, the movement stops. Do this massage - jelqing - for about 10 minutes. Over time, the strength of the compression increases with time.

How to stretch your penis:

  • Hold the penis (at rest, without an erection) with the index finger and thumb a little further than the head so that the brush is on it;
  • Move away from yourself and help with the other hand;
  • hold for 30 seconds;
  • So for 5 methods;
  • Each week, the retention increases to one minute and approaches 6-7 or more.

Kegel exercises:

  • Tighten the PC muscles as if to keep urinating for 5 seconds. Gradually increase the hold time to 30 s;
  • Makes the LMB nervous, as if trying to "go to the toilet faster". hold for 5 seconds;
  • Try alternately tightening/releasing the sphincter and pubic muscles, respectively.

warm up:

Warming up is mandatory to increase elasticity and reduce penile damage.

  1. Put your penis in warm water for five minutes (no more than ten minutes).
  2. Special tools, such as salted heating bags. It's easy - pour salt into a sock and heat on battery or microwave for 30 seconds. Or more, sometimes using rice instead of salt. The pouch is suitable for the penis and pubic area.

A set of exercises for beginners

Exercise programs for penis enlargement are different and you need to choose the one that works best for a particular person. If the teen is a complete "kettle" and doesn't know where to start, you can start with this program and tweak it "for yourself".

  1. 5 minutes. Force preheat under water or under a heated salt bag.
  2. Stretch your penis in different directions for 5 minutes. Five half-minute sets with rest in between. Gradually increase the number of entries for a total time of up to 10 minutes.
  3. Jelq, starts at one hundred and lasts 3 seconds. Each, gradually increasing to 300 movements. Take jelqing to 30 minutes.
  4. Warm up again for five minutes.
  5. 10 Kegel exercises. Hold each LMB contracted for five seconds. Gradually increase the dosage to 50 or more, as does the retention time.
  6. Timetable: Two days of classes, one day off.

Workout time gradually increases! This will take 6 weeks, some more time. When injured, take a break.

Nutrition and Vitamins

Maybe parents, especially fathers, want to know how to grow a big penis for their child. It's hard to expect huge sizes without a genetic predisposition to large penises, however, genetics can also adjust.

To increase the size of the penis and the good development of the endocrine system (affects the production of testosterone), building materials are required - trace elements, essential amino acids, vitamins.

Foods that are good for teen penis growth:

  1. Foods of animal origin, high in protein: meat, eggs, cheese - building materials for muscles, hormones.
  2. Seafood - fresh fish, shrimp, oysters, caviar - is rich in protein, omega acids and bioactive substances. They contain high amounts of zinc, which is necessary for genital development, testosterone production and ensuring complete spermatogenesis.
  3. Nuts: almonds, walnuts. Contains protein, fatty acids, fat-soluble vitamins, trace elements.
  4. Bananas, avocados, melons, apricots, carrots, pumpkins, mangoes, berries: normalizes metabolism, provides large amounts of carotene for hormone production, development of nerve endings, vitamins.
  5. Green, especially celery, promotes the production of male hormones, vitamin C is involved in any metabolic process, zinc.
  6. Buckwheat barley porridge. Improves digestion and blood circulation in the pelvic organs, promotes blood supply to the penis and its growth. Contains zinc and other trace elements.
  7. Olive, sesame, flaxseed vegetable oils. They remove toxins, aid in the absorption of vitamins, and contain omega acids necessary for building cells and their regeneration.
  8. Honey, beekeeping products. Source of a large number of biologically active substances, vitamins and trace elements.

Baking, high-fat foods, candy, and soda are simply not shown to growing people. Substances necessary for the active development of the hormonal system and the growth of the teenage penis are not present, and the calories in these foods tend to be "stored"!

Through proper and varied nutrition, physical activity necessary for the development of the circulatory system, supplying the organs with oxygen and nutrients, it is possible to achieve the natural growth of the penis.