What effect does it have on the components of the vacuum pump?

vacuum pump for penis enlargement

Many men face problems with a small penis or an unstable erection. At the same time, drugs don't always help, and I really don't want to use chemistry to affect the body. Therefore, vacuum penis pumps are becoming more and more popular.

Why you need a penis vacuum pump

A penis pump is a very effective device that helps increase the size of a man's penis. At the same time, the method is safer than pills and cheaper than surgery. When a vacuum is created inside the device, blood rushes to the penile tissue. In terms of working principle, it is very similar to a traditional pump, but simply draws out air.

Originally, the device was invented to solve erection problems. After the blood pours into the penis, it rises, and if you put on an erection ring, the ascender doesn't go through for a long time because there is no blood coming out of the penis. But in this case, you need to calculate the exposure time correctly so as not to damage the genitals.

It is important to understand that even with the correct use of the pump, the penis will not multiply several times. The effect is 2-4 cm, with a temporary effect. After a period of pumping, the members return to their original size. Therefore, it is desirable to perform this procedure on a regular basis.

Many times, the device is used medically to treat some forms of impotence.

Penis pumps also help to remove pelvic congestion and improve the quality of sex life. As a result, men get more colorful orgasms and untapped sensations in bed.

Types of Penis Enlargement Pumps

What is a penis pump

Penis vacuum pumps are common and can be purchased in adult stores and online. There is a manual version of the pump in most cases. The models consist of a flask and a hose with a pear. Air is expelled manually.

There are also electric options that run on batteries. Control of these devices is carried out from the control panel or using the buttons on the flask.

For lovers of bathing in the bathroom, we have created special water models that only work in water. Penis pumps use pressurized fluid instead of air.

More expensive models have an emergency evacuation button, as well as a pressure gauge.

Pumps are also made of different materials. It can be medical plastic, and there are models with added silicone seals. The flasks are made of acrylic, but medical plastic remains a priority.

Pay attention to the size when choosing. It should clearly match the size of your erect penis. Small pumps can hurt the penis, and large pumps will not have the desired effect.

Large selection by country of origin. But it's better to prioritize Germany or the US. They also manufacture medical pumps in China. There are also domestic manufacturers with good quality.

For varieties, you can choose models in any color. In our store you will find pumps of high quality for every taste. Some products can be used with any wallet. To buy a penis enlargement pump, you just have to go to our store and do it with the help of a consultant.

penis enlargement pump

pump technology

For the results to be as positive as possible, you need to be able to use the device properly. First, the entire perineum and pubic bone need to be shaved before use. Discomfort may occur if hair gets into the flask.

Be sure to use lubricant when performing this procedure. When choosing a lubricant, it is recommended to focus on water-based products.

Adding grease, oil or petroleum jelly may adversely affect and damage the product.

As far as execution techniques go, the process is simple. You need to be comfortable. Members should be in a calm state, not upright. Then apply lubricant on it and place on the flask. Make sure it fits snugly against the edge. The presence of irregularities or gaps will render the entire process ineffective as air will get inside.

After that, you should start pumping. In the manual version, this can be done manually, but if the product is automatic, it is just a matter of pressing a button, or selecting the mode of operation (if available). The duration of the first program should not exceed 15 minutes. Once you get used to it, it pays to gradually increase the exposure time. By adding one minute, it is necessary to increase the session time to 40 minutes.

As a last resort, regular suction every other day is recommended. Better every day. The suction should not cause pain. If any condition occurs, please consult your doctor and do not use the device until then.

Pressure can be adjusted for comfort. There are pressure gauges, but in budget models this is done manually.

After use, the device must be washed with warm water and soap and dried. The flask then needs to be treated with a preservative, preferably not alcohol-based.


Always check with your doctor before buying a pump. First, an expert will be able to professionally prove to you if you need this equipment. Second, the many contraindications to the use of pumps must be considered. The following conditions are prohibited:

  • Foreskin damage of any nature.
  • Infectious diseases of the reproductive organs.
  • diabetes.
  • Pathology of the liver and kidneys.
  • Diseases of the vascular system, especially the tendency to form blood clots.

If one or more of these conditions are present, then you will have to find another way to increase your penis. A penis pump is still a medical device, not a sex toy. Therefore, it is imperative to consult a doctor and strictly follow all instructions. Otherwise, you may cause damage to your penis and general damage to your health.


According to the reviews, penis pumps do help. There are some nuances in its application, but at the same time it produces the desired effect. Here are some reviews of penis vacuum pumps:

  1. Male, 32 years old. "I have a small penis. I even wanted to go to the operating room. I went to the doctor and he suggested I use a vacuum pump. He said it would cost less, but it would work. " Within a month of training, the penis actually increased3 cm. Now I am satisfied and will proceed with the surgery. "
  2. Male, 28 years old. "In principle, I'm happy with the size of the penis, but when I heard there was a device that would enlarge it, I got interested. I have to say right off the bat, if you're expecting a knee-deep result, then you're notWill get it. But definitely a few centimeters more. "
  3. Male, 50 years old. "I bought this pump because my doctor recommended it as an erection trainer. Use it exactly as instructed. As a result, the erection disruption stops and sex feels different - brighter and longer.
  4. Doctor. "My patients often have mild erection problems. But not everyone can and is useful to take synthetic drugs with a lot of side effects. If the penis is small in general, then I recommend everyone to buy a penis enlargement pump. This is aA simulator that will make you feel confident that your erection is stable and of acceptable size.

There are negative reviews about the device on the internet. But they mostly come from those who violate the rules of use and also ignore contraindications. Many people buy a simulator without even consulting a doctor, thinking it's a safe toy. Hence the injury, the pain, and the lack of results.

It is important not to ignore safety precautions, not to drink alcohol and not to use homemade equipment during the procedure. It is necessary to buy only emulators with safety certificates and produce them under license.


The small size of the penis can negatively affect a man's self-esteem. This will affect every aspect of life.

But if nature does not give you great dignity, you should not give up. This can be corrected and a vacuum pump is created for this. Just approach the process properly and use it properly.

This is a medical device, so a doctor's consultation is required. After surgery, both you and your partner will notice a difference.