The experience of using Big Boy

The experience of the use of Alisher from Kazakhstan

Hi to all. I want to share the solution to his problem. Before very afraid to have a small size of dignity. He could not feel the bed, because he could not provide 100 percent pleasure to the companion. Recently I came across the gel for penis enlargement Big Boy. Below You will be able to learn more about the tool.

The consistency and the packaging

Gel Texture Big Boy

The consistency of the drug lightweight and pleasant to the touch. Because of you, when you apply you do not experience any inconvenience.

The packaging of the medication Big Boy performed beautiful and interesting. The tube itself is very convenient to store. The gel does not flow through the packing, all done very tightly. Preserve its is not difficult, the tool does not occupy much space on the shelf and not the eye jumps to the color black tube. That is, none of Your friends do not if it will feel ' on the bedside table or somewhere else. How to use the tool is written above.

Unfortunately, the use of the medication Big Boy it only happens at home. As well as its use requires a certain amount of preparation. But on the whole it is logical, and to me this has not prevented.

As I enjoyed this gel

I started using this gel because of its insecurity. My wife said that I'm not causing a 100 per cent pleasure in bed. After these words, I started to change something. Had to search long on the internet I've seen reviews on this tool and once you have decided to order it.

When I used the gel Big Boyalso applied a complex of vitamins. This I did, for the effect of the use of a drug has been even better. Because vitamins play an important role in this process. They are able to pull up all of the necessary functions in the body and strengthen the immune system or that will bring other important bonus. I have used the vitamins most groups.

Complex vitamins together with the use of Big Boy - an even better result
  • Vitamin A. As I understand it, is responsible for the production of sex hormones. The application retrieves all of these processes. In addition to this, the vitamin And does not give to appear the inflammatory processes in the urogenital system.
  • The vitamin c I have also used. The vitamins of the group to have a toning effect, which directly affect the quality of the sperm, have a positive effect on the power. The consumption of this vitamin, it has had a positive impact on the growth of the penis. It is true is increased.
  • The vitamin B1 has helped support erection, I was very pleased. It increases power, improves functioning of the cardiovascular system.

All this makes the result of the use of the gel Big Boy even more luminous.


Thanks to the complex of vitamins and miracle drug Big Boythe size is increased by 2 cm to 14 days. I believed that it was possible, but the result was excellent. I recommend this gel.